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Taylor Gallagher – Resume


Medical Nutrition Therapy

This section demonstrates Taylor’s knowledge in a clinical setting utilizing evidence-based practices in the care of her patients. These artifacts showcasing her work in Medical Nutrition Therapy provide a sample of Taylor’s knowledge in a variety of clinical disease states including: base of tongue cancer, nutrition support, renal disease, and Crohn’s disease. Additionally, this section showcases Taylor’s knowledge in the Nutrition Care Process, Evidence Analysis Library, Standards of Practice, Standards of Professional Performance, and her ability to create educational materials.

  1. Case Study
  2. Education Handouts
    1. Gluten Free Education Handout
    2. Vegan Education Handout
  3. Evidence Based Practices
    1. Nutrition Support Evidence Based Practice
    2. Gastrointestinal Disease Evidence Based Practice
    3. Renal Disease Evidence Based Practice
  4. Standards of Practice & Standards of Professional Performance
  5. Continuous Quality Improvement Outcome Measures Project


This section showcases Taylor’s competency to work in the management field. From creating her own business plan to creating therapeutic menus and modifying recipes, she shows she can plan, develop, and implement various projects. Taylor proves she understands the way a business starts up and how to market in order to build a client base. By making modifications to recipes, she understands how to alter recipes to make them healthier for clients and incorporate them into therapeutic menus.

  1. Business Plan
    1. SBA Certification
  2. Facility Menu Project
  3. Modified Recipe
    1. Recipe Costing
    2. Recipe Yield Adjusting Low Sodium
    3. Recipe Yield Adjusting Low Fat
  4. Menu Project
    1. Menu Project Three Day Average Analysis

Community / Wellness / Health Promotion

Taylor’s skills in the community section include, but are not limited to; her ability to communicate effectively with anyone, sharing her passion of nutrition and educating the public on living a healthier lifestyle, and writing to local legislators about current bills that effect not only the communities but also dietitians. Taylor also demonstrates her skills by showcasing her Journal Club Presentation about implementing school gardens. One of Taylor’s passions is educating the public about nutrition so included is her Health Promotion and Education Project.

  1. Health Promotion & Education Project
    1. Community Needs Assessment
    2. HPE Step 1
    3. HPE Step 2
    4. HPE Step 3
    5. HPE Step 4 & 5
  2. Letters to Legislators
    1. Public Policy
  3. Journal Club Presentation
    1. Journal Club Presentation Rubric


Taylor served as the Student Dietetic Association (SDA) at The University of Central Missouri as a Historian for the 2015-2016 Academic year. The following year, she was elected as the SDA President. Taylor led all executive board meetings as well as the student body meetings. She organized events on campus, within the organization, and volunteer events that the student body of SDA could participate in. Taylor assisted the treasurer in completing grants for the organization to use for attending nutrition conferences and workshops. Taylor took a group of SDA members to the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE) for their first time. She was active in creating presentations related to nutrition for the community, staff members, and student body to attend.

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