10 Healthy Living Tips for Summer Events

The summer season is upon us: BBQ’s with friends and family, long weekends at the lake, and long road trips with the kids. So, how do you eat healthy while on the go or at fun events? Here are 10 tips to keep you on track to reach your goals while still enjoying life!

My sweet little cousins love filling up and hydrating with watermelon! 2-in-1 deal! Recommend eating this outside! 

1.Fill up on fruits and vegetables
– Fiber in fruits and vegetables will keep you fuller longer and not to mention, give you loads of vitamins and minerals! Offer to bring a fruit or vegetable tray to your potlucks to help everyone out! Baby carrots, cucumbers, celery sticks, apples, clementines, and bananas are all easy and portable healthy options. Blueberries are great for little kids: easy to self-feed and easy for them to chew!

2. Drink plenty of h2O

– Stay hydrated in the heat, especially if you’re drinking alcohol! General rule of thumb: Drink a bottle of water (or more!) between every alcoholic beverage. Try keeping a bottle of water with you at all times. If you don’t like regular water try this fruit flavored water with no sugar: HINT water. Water is usually enough to keep you hydrated but sometimes in extreme heat or when exercising, it’s important to replace electrolytes. I recommend Skratch hydration products instead of sugary gatorade or comparable drinks. Skratch is made from real fruits… even better!

3. Need a cold adult beverage?
– Try low calorie/low carb options like this spiked sparkling water or a lower calorie beer. Drinking in the heat can lead to dehydration quicker, so keep water with you also.

4. Does dessert look irresistible? 
– Dig in!! But make room for it. Eat some lean protein like chicken and grilled veggies and indulge in an appropriate serving size without feeling guilty. Go for the desserts that contain fruit to get your sweet tooth fix as well as some extra nutrients.

 5. Keep healthy snacks on the boat/in the car/in your bag with you
– Especially if you have kids, keep healthy snacks with you such as granola bars (watch the sugar in them), nuts, seeds, whole grain crackers, cheese, vegetables, nut butters, or fruit (apples and bananas are easy to transport around). KIND bars, Rx bars, and This Bar Saves Lives are some of my favorite granola bar options I keep with me.

 6. Choose crackers over chips
– Chose whole wheat crackers, or even better try products by Bitsy’s Brainfood! Marketed towards kids, these products are made from vegetables but taste amazing! The “smart cookies” and “smart crackers” are great to keep on hand for the kiddos but adults enjoy them too. Popcorn is another great healthy option. Did you know popcorn is a whole grain? 

7. Healthy choices at gas stations
– Many gas stations are starting to offer healthier options! Some easy and nutritious options I’ve seen lately are pre-made salads, hard boiled eggs, string cheese, cups of fruit or vegetables, nuts and seeds, trail mix, deli sandwiches, protein bars, and some places even offer made to order sandwiches. Often they have bananas, apples, and oranges by the cash register. Try to stay clear of the greasy pizzas, fried foods, sugary drinks like soda, juice, and flavored coffees. 

8. Exercise
– When you’re sitting in a car all day, none of your muscles have to work or stay engaged. When you stop to fill up with gas or use the restroom, do a few jumping jacks or some simple stretches to loosen up your legs! If you have time and you’re in a cool town, go for a jog! A quick 10-15 minute break out of the car will give you a boost of energy and help your muscles from being so tight.

9. Take time for self
– Self care is super important to be 100% healthy! Get up before the kids and do something for yourself: read a book with a cup of coffee, paddle around in a kayak, go to a yoga class, or sleep in if the kids are sleeping in! Road trips can be stressful, and we all know by the end of the week, the whole family wants to be out of the jam packed mini van. Make sure everyone has a pair of headphones or their own favorite activity they can do themselves. Play family games in the car like trying to find all 50 states license plates, or finding all of the letters to the alphabet just from billboards or semi-trucks.

10. Most importantly, have a plan!
– When you’re on the road and away from home, it’s easy to get out of your routine. Packing healthy snacks and doing little exercises will help you stay on track. Make a grocery list, go to the store, pack a cooler, and you’re set! You may even inspire someone else you struggles when they’re busy and on-the-go! When we go on trips, I prep snacks and pre-portion them. It may take an extra hour but it’s worth it when we’re on the road and aren’t tempted to stop for unhealthy snacks.

11. Extra Tip: SUNSCREEN!
– Just as staying healthy through what you’re eating is important, it’s also important to take care of your skin! It’s easy to forget to reapply when you’re out having fun but remember to reapply every 2 hours, especially when you’re in and out of the water! Nobody wants wrinkly skin, dark spots, or skin cancer!



Have a wonderful holiday weekend, followers! Stay safe and stay healthy!

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Until next time…

Taylor ❤


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