Which “Diet” is Right For Me?

If you’ve been alive for basically any amount of time, you’re familiar with all of the available “diets” out there and chances are your grandma, aunt, sister, cousin or yourself have been on one or more of these diets at some point in time.

Here’s a list of 40 diets throughout the most recent decades that you might be familiar with:

1970’s: Weight watchers, Grapefruit Diet, Cookie Diet (literally LOL), Slim-fast, the Scarsdale Diet, the Sleeping Beauty Diet

1980’s: The Cabbage Soup Diet, the Beverly Hills Diet, Jenny Craig, the Liquid Diet, the Cave Man Diet

1990’s: Low-Fat EVERYTHING, Jazzercise, the Ornish Diet, The Zone Diet, Low-Sugar Diets (by using different words in ingredient labels), Blood-Type Diet

2000-2009: The Subway Diet, A Macrobiotic Diet, The South Beach Diet, The Atkins Diet, 100-calorie pack craze, The Biggest Loser Diet, The Master Cleanses, The Lemonade Diet, The Raw Food Diet, Nutrisystem, The Fertility Diet

2010-Present: Meal Replacement Shakes (Herbalife, plexus slim, advocare etc.), Weight Watchers PointsPlus, The Apple Cider Vinegar Diet, The Dukan Diet, Cold Pressed Juices, Gluten free (not for medical reasons), the Alkaline Diet, Paleo Diet, Whole 30, Body Builder’s diets, “Clean Eating” and the most recent: Keto Diet

And because this is the “21st-century-social-media-craze-I-have-to-look-like-that-or-I-can’t-post-this-picture-on-Instagram” era let’s also ad the #IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) tag to this. Craving an orange but it will push your carbs over for the day? Can’t have it. Going to your parents to eat steak but that doesn’t fit your macros? Can’t eat with family. So devastating. Parents love cooking for their kids and having them come over for dinner – or maybe that’s just my parents?!

What are the two common themes with all of these diets (and diets not mentioned)?

  1. They all (or the majority of them) exclude entire food groups – totally unhealthy!
  2. They are super restrictive and not sustainable

I mean, if your most FAVORITE food in the entire world are bagels or pancakes for breakfast, do you really think a keto diet (high fat, extremely low/no carb diet) is sustainable for you? Probably not. And you can’t honestly say that a “fat bomb” sounds appetizing, right?! Please research the possible deficiencies and side effects from not getting necessary nutrients and minerals from fruits and carbohydrates in your diet.

If you really think a juice cleanse will rid you from all of the “toxins” in your body, PLEASE do

Current obsession: goat cheese!

us a favor and (while you’re researching the nutrient and mineral deficiencies from not eating fruit or carbs) research the functions of your kidneys and liver! Really, it’s quite interesting and could save you a lot of money! 🙂

I’m really sorry Whole 30, but I cannot give up my dairy. My love for cheese is real and I cannot cheat on it! And I also refuse to go through my pantry and fridge to throw away (and waste a sh*t ton of money) on products because they might contain some added sugars or, god forbid honey, because in 30 days I can eat all of those things again?? Crazy.

Could someone please explain to me what exactly “clean eating” means? Do you scrub it with a sponge and dawn dish soap?! I just don’t get it. Just because a food isn’t “clean” does that make it dirty?! Mushrooms are naturally pretty dirty, so are they a “clean” food or “dirty” food? Clean eating may have started with good intentions but it has gone too far and we must stop with the food shaming.

And the blood type diet? You might as well pull up Buzzfeed and take a quiz to figure out which “Friends” character you are because they’re equally as accurate and can totally be backed by a ton of research.. NOT.

*Jumping off my soapbox now*

So, if none of these 40 diet options are going to work, what will?

I can’t say this for certain (because everyone is different and if a certain diet works for you then YAY!) but create your own plan. (Notice I don’t say diet because, if you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that word is not part of my vocabulary).

What I mean by this is: the 80/20 rule is amazing and sustainable. It is not restrictive. It does

I exercise and eat a lot of fruits and veggies so my 20% can be ice-cream and chocolate 🙂

not limit your favorite foods. It teaches you that there are no foods that should be labeled “good”or “bad” and that there’s room for every type of food. So your favorite food is ice cream? (Admit it, I know that I’m not alone with this). Treat yourself! Does this mean eat the entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s? No.

[Well, maybe it does if your boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you, you got in a car wreck, and failed an exam all in the same day. We get it, we’ve all been there. Enjoy your pint, take a bath, and get back on track the next day.]

But seriously, incorporate your favorite food items, in moderation of course, and I can almost guarantee that you won’t fall off the wagon this time. You won’t lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks and then gain 30 pounds the following two weeks. You won’t be forced to eat foods you hate because what kind of fun is that? You won’t have to take your own food to your friends house or skip out on Thanksgiving dinner. It will take time and you may or may not see results super fast but, wouldn’t you rather be healthy long term and save money by not buying crap shakes. And think of the money you could save from going to the doctor’s office less!

Eating healthy is not an exclusive club only for the rich. It’s for everyone and many of the popular diets that are advertised by celebrities shame people who can’t afford “all-natural-gluten free-non-GMO-organic-free-range-cage-free-grass-fed-no-antibiotics-or-growth-hormones-added” food items. You don’t need organic if you can’t afford it, eating a non organic banana that is a fraction of the price will benefit you ten fold than eating a Little-Debbie snack cake. I promise you can eat healthy on a super tight budget through planning and being resourceful (secret: a little extra time and ALDI).


Most people will run for beer or wine, I run for ice cream

And that is what Intrepid Nutrition is all about – a sustainable, non-restrictive healthy lifestyle that you can maintain for years.

Happy Friday, have a great weekend and as always, thanks for stopping by!

Questions or comments?

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Until next time…

Taylor ❤

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